Entity/Project SizeProperty Type(s)Area
Current Projects
Frontier Tollway Business Park 113 AcresCommercial LandCelina, TX
Harvest Point
153 AcresLakeside DevelopmentPrinceton, TX
DFW Land Acquisition Consulting
MultipleMixed UseDFW Area
Llano Springs Retail Land35 AcresRetail / Office LandFt. Worth, TX
Richwater Holdings5 AcresTH / Mixed UseWylie, TX
Closed Projects Real Estate Transactions
MBVC Walmart15 AcresRetail DevelopmentDallas, TX
Shops Sunset Point12 AcresRetail Lot DevelopmentLittle Elm, TX
HFX Ranch
292 AcresLand InvestmentMeridian, TX
Comanche Ridge Partners300 AcresLand InvestmentDenton, TX
Harvest Fund$26 MMOffice PortfolioDallas, TX
Harvest Fund X
75 AcresIndustrial IntermodalLancaster, TX
Harvest Village8 AcresRetail Lot DevelopmentWylie, TX
Lancaster Grove
80 AcresSF Land InvestmentLancaster, TX
Mills Branch Homestead75 AcresSF DevelopmentLancaster, TX
Pheasant Creek – Phase One
89 AcresSF DevelopmentWylie, TX
Pheasant Creek – Phase Two23 Acres
Multifamily LandWylie, TX
Rancho Lobo100 AcresUndeveloped LandCollin County
Birmingham Ranch52 SF LotsSF Development Wylie, TX
Energy Resources
Mansfield 375375 AcresLand/Barnett RoyaltyMansfield, TX
Pasco14 PropertiesOil Operating CompanyOK City, OK
Sonoran Energy3,012 AcresProducing 90-Well FieldSan Angelo, TX
Valor Energy3000 AcresLease AcquisitionFrio County, TX
Upland Oil and Gas165,000 Acres$40M in fundingInternational
Propane DirectEnergy Company$15M funding Texas & OK
Dallas Petroleum 8000 AcresLease AcquisitionTexas